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Did you ever give any thought to how all those beautiful balloons
you see floating around in the sky over Boise each September actually get in to the air?

I’ll tell you, balloons fly through the skies of Boise during the Balloon Classic, due in large part to the hard work of special individuals like the one in the picture you see on the left.

They are the “Volunteer Ground Crew” of Balloon Classic and without these highly trained, excited, happy-go-lucky, time giving individuals, you’d never see a balloon in the sky !

We just can’t fly balloons without our volunteers … and boy, oh boy, if you don’t think we have a job for everyone you’d be mistaken, because we sure do.

You might get a little tired, but if you can work through it … You’re certain to have a great time.

So if you want to hang out with Boise’s favorite visitors here’s how to do it …

If you’ve “Crewed” a hot air balloon before …

Simply fill out the form below and when complete, press the send button to get your information to our Volunteer Coordinator, Cheryl Blauer.

Remember, if you want “Your” special pilot again, be sure and fill out that line of the “Crew” form.

If you’ve NEVER “Crewed” before … don’t worry, its easy …

Again, simply fill out the form on the bottom of the page to register with the Balloon Classic.

If you have questions, its OK to contact our “Volunteer Coordinator” directly

Cheryl Blauer
Lighter than Air America
“Pilot Ground Crew Relations”

It takes a small army to make sure the Balloon Classic is the great family tradition you see at each morning’s launch and its our volunteers (in every capacity) that make it happen. So, we are always beyond grateful for any help you’d like to offer …
Before you fill out the crew form and e-mail it to us, here are some questions and answers that will help you become a little more familiar with the process :

Balloon Classic Volunteer / Q & A

Who can “Crew” a balloon ?

Pretty much anyone. We love families. It’s a great way for Mom, Dad and the kids to spend some quality time together. Smaller kids are welcome, but need to be managed by their parents.

Unless they are with one of the several local clubs and organizations that come out and crew, young people below the age of 18, won’t be able to crew without Dad and/or Mom.

What will we be doing ?

You’ll actually help ready the balloon for flight, help inflate it, launch it, chase it while its up in the sky, help it land, pack it up and return it to the launch site.

How do we learn to do that ?

No experience needed … we’ll teach you what you need to know.

Is it hard work ?

It can be, there is some lifting and packing the balloon around, so you should be in good physical condition. It’s an adventure !

If you have a bad back, you should pass on crewing.

What should I bring with me ?

Just yourself. Dressed in long pants (usually Levi’s), a good hiking boot or tennis shoe and leather gloves. You’ll want a jacket in the morning, but that time of year, it usually warms up fast, so dress in layers so you can shed down as the heat comes up.

What other Volunteer Help is Needed ?

We need help with parking cars, security, clean up, putting up and taking down banners, assisting the ‘sound team’ and a host of other things. You’re help is always appreciated.

Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic Volunteer Form

  • If no, provide name of parent/guardian volunteering with you.
  • **We will try our best to match you with your request, but we cannot guarantee the request.**
    **You are welcome to volunteer all 5 days, or just 1 day.**
  • By submitting this request, you testify that you:
    - Have read and understand the Frequently Asked Questions
    - Understand that you are volunteering as a ground crew member
    - Understand that you will not be a passenger in the balloon

    Check-in time is 6:30 am by the Big White Tent.
    Please do not park by ramps, cones or barriers.
    Remember: No shorts, flip-flops, or open-toed shoes.